Stretching exercises for beginners

The stretching is one of the fitness modalities that fall into the category of relaxing activities. Its main objective is to ensure that the person who practices it enhances the elasticity of their muscles, so it consists of performing series of stretching and elongation exercises.
The stretching is also conceived as a previous step to the practice of some sport. The work done with the muscles makes it ideal to prevent sports injuries as well as to end the problems arising from a sedentary life. we explain Stretching exercises for beginners.
Steps to follow:


Although there are many gyms that offer it and practicing it in a group has positive effects in order to improve our socialization, stretching can be done perfectly at home, following an exercise chart depending on the part of the body we want to work.


When we stretch a muscle in our body, we have to put all our senses into it and focus on what we are doing.


In line with the previous point, we have to devote time to each of the movements. Thus, the doing stretching, when we reach the peak of stretching a muscle, we must maintain the position for 10 to 20 seconds.


We have to control breathing at all times, which has to be rhythmic and slow. If we feel that when performing a stretch, our breathing accelerates or we do not control its rhythm, we must breathe deeply and start the exercise again.


Although stretching can be practiced in solitude, some of the stretching can be done with the help of another person, who will be the one who exerts the force to take the muscle to its maximum extent.

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