What are the best relaxing activities

If we are looking for relaxing activities we have many options, because due to the times of hurry and stress that we live there are more and more the disciplines that are incorporated, some of them adaptations of ancient arts of the East and others, new practices that are based on combining exercises of stretching of the muscles with concentration techniques. So you know all the alternatives you can choose from, at unComo.com we explain what are the best relaxing activities.

Steps to follow:

Yoga is undoubtedly the most widespread and most fashionable relaxing activity, even incorporating new modalities such as that aimed at the little ones. 


The taichi, although it came more years ago, is not as widespread as yoga. It is considered an ancient art that reports well-being to the person who practices it through the slow movements with which it is intended to make the most of the internal energies.


Pilates is a newcomer but very practiced, especially by women. It is distinguished from the rest of the relaxing activities by the fact that greater emphasis is placed on muscle toning. 


Bodymind is a less well-known relaxing activity and, despite its name - Corpomente - it only focuses on stretching the muscles, emphasizing the slowness of the movements of the exercises and good breathing.


Stretching is another relaxation practice whose main objective is that we recover the elasticity of our body, doing it through elongations and stretching to recover the agility of the body that is inevitably lost over the years.

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