Exercise to reduce belly fat and waist in a week

Exercise to reduce belly fat and waist in a week

Wearing a well-defined abdomen and waist without Michelin is something that many people want, but sometimes it is not easy to know where to start. It is very important that in order to succeed in reducing the fat in our belly area and waist, we have not only determined to achieve it, but also a clear idea of ​​the exercises that we must perform.
In addition, some of these exercises will not only help you remove fat from your belly, but also help you define this part of your body. You have to keep in mind that, although exercise is vital, you should also keep in mind that proper eating is essential to achieve this goal. To help you achieve this goal, we will propose an exercise routine to reduce belly fat and waist.

Although we follow some tricks to reduce the waist and abdomen such as taking care of our diet and following some therapies such as lymphatic drainage, we cannot forget the exercise.
To start an exercise routine to reduce the abdomen and waist, before starting with the main exercises, you should do stretching and cardiovascular exercises such as, for example, go jogging or pedaling about 20 minutes on the elliptical or static bike or, If you prefer something more moved, sign up for a Zumba class to do a good cardio exercise. These exercises and previous stretches will help you avoid injuries and improve your physical performance, since they activate your body and, thus, you will be able to burn calories from abdominal fat faster when you do the specific exercises for this purpose.
Exercise to reduce belly fat and waist in a week

Side abs to reduce belly fat and waist
Now that you have warmed and activated your body, you can start the routine of specific exercises to work your abdomen and waist. To reduce fat from these two parts of the body one of the best exercises is the lateral abdominal. To do them correctly follow these steps:
Abdominal scissors
To do this type of side abdominal to reduce belly and waist fat effectively, stretch on the side floor and rest your elbow on the floor and use your hand to rest your head.
  1.  Lift the leg from the opposite side on which you have leaned, raise it as much as you can and then lower it slowly.
  2. Before the leg touches the one at rest, raise it again, that is, do not allow it to rest completely.
  3. Do 15 lifts a total of 3 times for each leg, raise them so as not to force your body.
  4. You will notice that not only do your thighs and buttocks work, but you also exercise the lateral and lower abdominal.

Bicycle abs
  1. Stretch with your back on the floor and raise your legs bent at a right angle.
  2. Place your hands on the back of your neck to make your exercise easier and do it well. Place your hands on the back of your neck to make your exercise easier and do it well.
  3. Raise your trunk and make a lateral movement, touching your knee with the elbow on the opposite side. For example, touch your left knee with your right elbow and then backward.
  4. Go back to the center and perform the movement of touching both knees with the opposite elbow 15 times.
  5.  Rest a moment and do it again, until 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Doing these exercises 3 or 4 times a week you will begin to notice how the abdomen and waist fat decreases and you will gain strength and endurance. Later, when you no longer have accumulated fat, continuing with this abdominal routine will help you define the lateral abdominal.
Exercise to reduce belly fat and waist in a week

Abdominal with iron
Doing crunches is another of the best ways to work these muscles. To work the lateral abdominal area and reduce the waist is the side plate is the best option, to do it well follow these instructions:
Place yourself on the floor with your hands and toes supported, make sure your hands are in line with your shoulders.
 Raise your right hand and turn your body to the left side, keeping your balance resting on your left hand and on your left foot.
Stretch your arm and right hand up and hold for a few seconds. Try to hold on until you can, but not overdo it.
Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise by raising your left hand and supporting your weight in your right hand and foot.
Repeat this complete exercise 4 to 6 times depending on your resistance.

Upper abs to reduce abdomen
The exercise routine to reduce the belly fat and waist continues with the most classic abdominal exercises, the upper abdominalFollow these instructions to do it correctly:
  1. Lie on the floor and support your feet in line with your hips.
  2. Lay your entire back on the floor and place your hands on your neck.
  3. Lift your torso to get close to your knees, you will notice how your abs do practically all the strength to complete the movement.
  4. Lower your torso slowly and repeat this exercise until you do at least 30 repetitions, although if you can't at the beginning you should start with less and increase the number of abs you do little by little.
  5. Resting between sets, you can perform up to 3 sets of 30 reps according to your resistance.
Exercise to reduce belly fat and waist in a week

Lower abs to lose belly
To work the lower abdominal and thus complete your routine to reduce abdomen and waist, one of the best exercises is the leg lift :
  1.  Stretch on the floor with your back well placed and leave your arms stretched to the side of your body.
  2. Bring your felted legs to your chest, trying to keep your knees at a right angle.
  3. Return to the first position but do not let your feet rest on the ground.
  4. It is important that you accompany the movements with well-marked breaths to facilitate the exercise and, thus, this is more effective.
  5. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions of this exercise every day you do your routine to start seeing results.

With this abdominal routine and proper nutrition you will lose weight and define your muscles in a short time.

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