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Watermelon Properties

The watermelon is one of the summer fruits more popular, and it is so refreshing that few can resist a good slice at any time of the day. But not only stands out for its flavor and its remarkable contribution of water, but there are many benefits that this fruit brings to the body. And that is why in this article of How we want to explain in detail what are the properties of watermelon | watermelon nutrition.
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Eating watermelon has an effect similar to drinking an isotonic drink: it cools and nourishes at the same time. This is due to its high water content (93%) in which trace elements, minerals, vitamins and a small percentage of sugars are dissolved. Its consumption is ideal to quench thirst during the summer months when sweating increases and with it the loss of liquid and mineral salts.


The nutritional contributions of watermelon have traditionally been used to help the production of milk in nursing mothers, as well as to lower the fever in a natural way in case of infection. Thus, among its main therapeutic virtues, its diuretic, and detoxifying action is highlighted, which is enhanced by a significant presence of potassium against low sodium levels.


Watermelon also stimulates the cleansing function of the kidneys and the urinary system, so that it prevents the retention of fluids, edema and cellulite. Lacking fat, and with less sugar than other fruits, the caloric intake of watermelon is not relevant, so it can be included in the control and purification diets, accompanied by other raw or hypocaloric dishes.


Some of the compounds that watermelon gives us have an antioxidant, protective activity of cells, tissues, and skin, also prevents premature aging of the skin and cells in general.
Among its main nutrients, lycopene stands out, a carotene precursor to vitamin A that protects the arteries and is anticancer. The proportion of the antioxidant vitamins C and E is discrete, but representative, since this fruit is consumed in generous portions because it is very digestive and light. Also present are the B vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin, which give watermelon an outstanding anti-stress capacity.


On the other hand, watermelon also has a remarkable anti-inflammatory power that will be very appropriate in cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint and muscular conditions, to reduce discomfort and ailments. This fact is due to its high content of citrulline, an amino acid that will improve physical recovery by increasing blood flow.

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