what are the benefits of yoga

what are the benefits of yoga

Yoga is one of the disciplines that every day gains more followers since it gives us great benefits for its practice. To discover the essence of yoga, it would be good to recover the etymological meaning of the word: yoga in Sanskrit means "union", a union that refers to the connection between body, mind, and spirit. We must be aware that both emotions and thoughts affect the body and the effectiveness of yoga has a lot to do with the desire to unite the different parts that make us up.

Steps to follow:


Yoga brings to each person what they need, but highlights the serenity it offers, because it integrates all levels of the human being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.


There are many styles of yoga, but the practice of asanas are the main part and they are the ones that transform the body and the mind, there is an improvement in flexibility, it increases the range of movement of the whole body, it improves the circulation of the blood and favors the elimination of toxins. The benefits of yoga are unlimited since they cover the entire immune, glandular and muscular system.


There are many who consider yoga a medicine to prevent and cure many diseases, since the postures that are made, reach every corner of the body by oxygenating all the cells.


In yoga, breathing is another fundamental element, because it constitutes the bridge to reach emotions and the basis of each movement and posture. Gradually it is convenient to learn to synchronize the postures with the breath because the effect of yoga is multiplied. When the twists and stretches of the asanas combine well with breathing, the internal organs come to enjoy the benefits of a kind of massage that restores their balance and helps them eliminate tensions.


On the other hand, a very important part of yoga is to observe the breath, which in addition to promoting concentration, allows you to connect with the natural rhythm of the person, who becomes aware of himself and can calm the mind.


Another characteristic of yoga is that it is available to everyone because asanas can be adapted to the possibilities of each person.


There are modalities designed for pregnant women, for older people. But it can also be a very demanding practice by adding difficulty in postures.

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